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Disclaimer: This entry was not "caused by" anyone except for my own curiosities, and the sudden rush of new members (YAY! and hello to you!). When I say "we", I'm speaking for both spectacular & myself. I'm not psychotic or anything. ;)

First of all, I speak for both spectacular & I when I say THANK YOU to everyone who's been commenting in and about this community. This was a complete pick-up project; there were no weeks of planning or anything going into it, and we owe you all SO MUCH for making it as successful as it has been. :) I'm speaking for myself, here (but I'm sure spectacular agrees with me), but this community has kept me sharp and in shape as a writer. It's helped boost my confidence and really just keep me in tune with things I need to work on and things I'm good at. And it's all thanks to you guys, the watchers. Most, if not all, of you are friends of Kayleigh or of me--or both! so you know how much we love you, but just in case... <33333 THANK YOU. :)

Now, here's the point of everything: we would like to know your thoughts on the community. We, as the writers, know how WE feel about it, but we'd like to know what YOU feel about it, and WHY.

Anonymous comments are allowed, and encouraged, although definitely not required. I'm pretty sure IP logging is off, but even if it isn't, I really don't think either of us are going to want to spend the time looking up who you are. ;P

The only thing we ask is that you not use this as an opportunity to bash either spectacular or I. If you hate my writing, and are only here for her, that's perfectly fine, but tell it to me privately or in my own journal (and vice versa). We're doing this purely for constructive reasons, not to bring anyone down.

So... things you like? Things you dislike? Kinds of writing you'd like to see more of? Less of? Anything?

<3 lani & kayleigh

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