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Okay! I swear this is the last time I'm going to push in here and mouth off about things that contain no fiction at all. For a while, anyway. ;)

Because spectacular and I have our reasons--and I'm pretty sure they're reasons just like the ones we've blahblahblahed at you many times before--we're going to open up the community to TWO new writers.

Interested? (please?)
There's really only one requirement: you MUST be able to write something, something of some quality, every FOUR weeks. That's about once a month. And you'll also have to be able to converse with the other authors about keywords for the person writing that week. (That sounds confusing, but if we choose you, I'll have Kayleigh explain it better.) And really, that's not asking too much.

And so, to be fair, we're holding a little contest. Following are three sets of keywords. Pick one set. Write something Z/Hish with the keywords. Be creative. Don't be shy. E-mail your fic to: zhficrelay@gmail.com. Please don't forget to include you LJ handle somewhere in the entry.

LJ Handle:
Summary: (optional)
A/N (optional)

But seriously? When I say be creative, I mean it. Remix our fics, include weird POVs, have other pairings (as long as the Z/H is the focus.), whatever. We trust you all. And the fics will only be viewed by Kayleigh and I (unless you choose to post them elsewhere, and you are MORE than welcome to do so), so don't be shy, either.

The deadline is DECEMBER 8TH. That's about the time you'll have if you were a regular writer.

Just in case none of the above made sense:

  • We're looking for two new writers.

  • You must be able to write something every 4 weeks.

  • You must be able to come up with keywords.

  • Pick a set of keywords.

  • Write a fic, ficlet, anything.

  • E-mail it to us. (zhficrelay@gmail.com)

  • Sit on the edge of your seats in sweaty anticipation.

  • Have it all in by DECEMBER 8TH.

  • We l♥ve you! HAVE FUN!

  • SET ONE:
    goldfish, a locked box that holds some significance (but isn't opened), ink stains, a purple door, and hair pulling.

    SET TWO:
    a sacrifice, Ginny as a major character, forgetting a main character's birthday, hot apple cider, and yellow clothing.

    a lie spun out of control, a cake with twelve candles (but the person it's for isn't turning twelve), a magical text book not mentioned in canon, a main character's greatest weakness, and something simmering in a pan.
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